Comic Site Rant: 君に、胸キュン。

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The last comic didn’t get the kind of reaction I thought it would–that is, it didn’t get much of a reaction at all. I guess I shouldn’t assume that people know about Yoshinobu Nishizaki’s run-ins with the law, nor should I assume that people should know that Yu Aida and Keitaro Arima are both quite clearly pedophiles. But hey, I figured someone would at least laugh at a joke about Russian child porn! Oh well, you’ll like this one!

Well, you’ll like this one if you’re aware of how silly To Aru Majutsu no Index is. The last show I watched in which characters went off on essay-length exposition-laden monologues was Dragon Ball Z, and when I watched that I didn’t give a damn. This aspect of Index doesn’t hurt it too much now (other things, however do) but it is quite fun to have a laugh at. The art here is ok, and could be a lot better. I’ve been practicing a lot lately, so hopefully that shines through. Readers with an above average sense of observation will notice the locale in which the two players are sitting down and watching anime is not in fact Rets’ humble abode–it’s Tina’s, which has shown up in a smattering of comics. I got a little sick of drawing Rets’ place, so I dumped them in Tina’s room for a change of pace. I guess I should also note that the reason you can’t see Tina’s chair is because her hair is covering it. I mean, she has a lot of hair. Oh, since this comic is slightly dirty, here’s the uncensored version.

We’ve gotten enough orders for the doujinshi to print it, so all of the people who sent in requests should expect an email from me in the next couple of days. My buddy and I are going to try and get these things mailed out within the next two weeks, at the latest. Once all of the books are shipped out I’m not sure if we’re going to continue to try and hawk it, or just ship it out to the 30 some people who wanted it, and it’ll be some rare collector’s item in the future. Yeah, that’s extremely likely.

As I mentioned earlier in the rant, Index’s long, drawn out bits exposition don’t hurt it much anymore–what does is the amount of time certain characters get. For a show called To Aru Majutusu no INDEX, there isn’t much INDEX anymore. This is a shame, since she is my most favourite character, and it sucks that the only arc about her had her laying down for six episodes. It doesn’t really help that each arc’s story is quite lukewarm. The only thing really keeping me around for this show are the production values and the nice female character designs, but other than this show is only slightly better than Shana. What pushes it above Shana is the lack of romance angst. Good god.

Aaaaand that’s all for this week. I have the next comic mostly sketched out, and I’ll try to finish sketching it by today. It’s a cheap joke about Maria†Holic. If you can guess the joke exactly I’ll give you a swift kick the crotch. Even if you’re a girl. Or a boy pretending to be a girl.