Comic Site Rant: これからはとっぷし~くれっと

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I don’t like explaining my jokes (speaking of which, I need to get around to updating the reference guide) but since no-one for some reason watches Zettai “The Best Show Ever” Karen Children I figure I should explain myself. A trio of young girls called Karen Girl’s (yes, there is an apostrophe) sing the opening themes to Zettai Karen Children. In episode forty of Zettai Karen Children, they make an animated cameo, which is what’s pictured in the opening panel. The rest is pretty self explanatory. Next week I’ll stop with the lolita jokes, I promise. I have one great script left I want to use, then that’ll hopefully be the end of it… for a while.

I’m pretty happy with the art here. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s nice and clean. It devolves into closeups, but I think it works. The more astute of you may notice that I’ve signed this comic simply as “wah”, and that over the past week I’ve changed my nick in various places to just “wah”. Why? President Obama said to put away childish things, so I figure I should put away my childish screenname I made when I was thirteen years old! Also, all the classy moe aficionados like my colleagues mt-i and pkjd have short, cryptic names, so I figure I’ll force my way into the club, too! Oh, and let’s not forget our dearly departed abq. No, he isn’t dead. I don’t think.

I’m giving the doujinshi orders another week before we just give up and distribute them digitally to the people who want them. We’re actually half-way there, but I doubt we’ll get fifteen requests over the next week. Like I said last week, this was an experiment by a friend and I, so we weren’t expecting much. But on the other hand, the doujin has loli jokes, gay jokes and violence! People like that stuff, right? It’s highbrow stuff. Oh, and I’d like to thank the warlocks on 4chan for advertising this. Your kind words of encouragement mean so much! Ever so much!

One show I’ve started to enjoy is Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo, or Sora Kake Girl. It took a while to get going, but by episode three I was pretty hooked. I love the design work, both on the characters and the world, and the plot is dumb enough to work. So far it’s about ten times better than Code Geass. I’m going to get to watching episode four in a bit!

That’s all for this week. Hopefully I can come up with some not-pedo related scripts to break monotony of the past couple of weeks.