Zettai Karen Children episode 40

可憐Girl’s make an appearance.

The episode happens.

New ending sequence.

Next episode preview.

The animation was pretty uneven in this episode, and especially bad in the first half. Lots of SD shots with no shading. Despite that, I really liked this episode. On the whole, it’s pure filler–nothing of note really happens, but it delivers great amounts of laughs and fanservice, so who really cares?

Karen Girl’s make an appearance, and it’s pretty hilariously shoved in for no reason. I wonder if it’s less creepy for me to fap to their cartoon counterparts than it is for me to fap to the real thing? Their voice acting was pretty amateur, but really cute.

There’s a new ending sequence. Some of the art pushes the 90s styling a bit too much for my tastes, but overall it’s really good. I like the not-cel shaded parts the best.

The next episode looks wild. I don’t even know what to say! I do not believe it!