Comic Site Rant: Singin’ A Happy Happy Song

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Even though I’ve always made a point of doing a Christmas-themed comic every year, I don’t believe I’ve ever done one to bring in the new year. Well, there’s a first time for everything. I was going to do another new years comic along with this one featuring the main characters, but it’s far too late now, and that script kind of sucked anyways. I really like the art here, and I also think the jokes are pretty good. There should be a gag for everyone, even for those poor souls who sat through all of Dragonaut -The Resonance-… like me.

In other site news, I’ve been doing a 2008 anime retrospective on the blog. It’s about three posts in, and I reckon I have another five to go. If the planets align properly, then I’ll have another post out tonight. Look out for it!

It is at this point that I would talk about C75, but I feel like a dick talking about doujinshi I’m stealing. If I manage to swing C76 then I’ll do a proper rundown. Lots of Tora Dora! this time around, though. Where’s the Strike Witches and Kojika love? At least we’re finally getting some decent Nagi books. Sanzenin Nagi, that is. Not the slut from Kannagi.

Since we’re between seasons (actually, the winter season is just starting up, but whatever) I’ll talk about video games instead of anime. The only game I’ve really been playing is Gundam Musou (or Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.) The gameplay is still very lazy, but it manages to be lots of fun regardless. What really makes the game shine is its writing. I’ve said this before, but I love the idea of all the characters from the different Gundam universes coming together into one epic adventure. It’s not as well written as, say, Giant Robo–but the exchanges between the characters are great. The game has also piqued my interest in some Gundam shows I haven’t yet gotten around to seeing. I know people get on its case, but after playing Judau’s Official route, and working through Puru’s Original route really makes me want to see ZZ Gundam. How can you go wrong with Purupurupuru?

Anyway, that’s all for this week. My backlog has gotten less epic in the last week, but it’s still somewhat intimidating. I’m going to try to make a pretty big dent in it later on today. Until next time!