Figure Reviews! Gothic Mikuru, Space Boobs Yoko, Video Games Nagi, and Angel Nogizaka Haruka

Shingo may be lost in the wild, exotic and dangerous lands of World of Warcraft, but that doesn’t mean the fine art of reviewing anime, manga and game figures is dead! Far from it! With him eternally lost in a land of wonder, we few, we happy few, we band of brothers must stand and pick up the slack. As such, I have four great reviews right here, coming towards you at the speed of a Rocket Punch!

Griffon Enterprises Asahina Mikuru Goth Punk Version

I own well over ten Mikuru figures, so getting this one was merely a matter of course. I was fated to get this figure.

I don’t think I own a figure by Griffon, and I haven’t heard much about them, but this one figure seems pretty good. It’s Mikuru in her “Goth Punk” gear, as pictured in this random piece of Haruhi promo art. They get all the details down well, right down to the real chains. Well, real mini-chains. The paint job is great, the sculpt is altogether fucking solid, and I really like her expression. To top it all off, the stand has a neat little metal plate on it with Mikuru’s name written in the famed IMPACT typeface.

If I had to say anything bad about this, it’d be that the pose is a little bland, but it works well. Well worth your 80 dollars plus 20 dollars for EMS shipping. Recommended.

Wave Yoko Space Look Version (Miyazawa Limited Special Color Edition)

Being a lolicon doesn’t mean you can’t also like tits, and I love me some tits–especially when they have giant porno-video-cover stars on them. Yoko isn’t my favourite Gurren Lagann gal, but her space outfit was just too much for me to resist. Better yet, this figure had two versions– one with a paint job more faithful to that of its clockshow roots, and another with a lot less covered skin. I of course had to get the latter.

I really like this figure. It’s just a nice, hot, and sexy thing to look at, who doesn’t like that? My only real beef with it is that Yoko looks a bit pale, but you can’t win ’em all!

Jun Planning Sanzenin Nagi

Oh Nagi-tan, how I have longed for a figure of you. Throughout your time on Hayate, I prayed to the great gods of figures for a PVC rendering of you, my dear Nagi-tan. And now you’re here, and you have another one on the way!

This figure here is by Jun Planning, and it’s of Nagi in her default deretsun otaku attire, holding what may or may not be an Xbox 360 controller. I don’t have anything by Jun Planning, but I was considering getting this Misa Amane figure before I noticed that it was 80 billion dollars and that the hands looked like ass. As such, I was a tad skeptical when putting in the preorder for this figure. However, I thought it was going to be the only Nagi figure ever (considering she’s not popular for some reason) so I jumped at it anyways. In the end, it was well worth my 30 dollars. That said, it’s a real 30 dollar figure. The sculpt is competent, but simplistic; and the paint job is pretty average. But still, it’s Nagi looking cute, and that’s all I really care about!

Toys Works Nogizaka Haruka Pink Version

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu sold me well before it even aired with its concept and Neko Bus Stop character designs, so I had this baby preordered by the time the third episode aired. In retrospect, I kind of wish that I held out for this figure instead, but the one I have isn’t too bad itself.

The sculpt is more along the lines of Shaa’s/Neko Bus’s design work than it is of the TV series’. Haruka looks kind of chubby, but in the cute way, and not in the giant dumpy fujoshi way. Her outfit is extremely cute, and the paint job doesn’t seem too bad. The only real problem is the face. It’s not bad, but it’s kind of unbalanced.

And that’s it for figure reviews for a while, since that Mikuru figure, along with a Kuhouin Murasaki dakimakura cover have left me totally and completely broke! I have no money! Come back soon, Shingo!!!