Comic Site Rant: Even so, the circus will come for you

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Regular rants will resume next week. I’m going on the road tomorrow, so I’m posting this today as opposed to tomorrow, even if the comic is dated for tomorrow.

Instead of a rant, here’s a personal anecdote.

The other day I ran into this guy–let’s call him Skywalker–and he’s a guy I kind of sort of know. Skywalker took classes with me back when I was an art student at NESAD. We were in the same classes for about three semesters. In each class that I took with him, he kept saying shit like, “I tell ya, I’m leavin’ Suffolk and going to Mass Art!” He literally said this for one and a half years. So I see him the other day around Ridgeway, and I’m like, “Sup, Skywalker.” He responds appropriately. Skywalker then asks me, “You still at NESAD, dude?” I tell him that I changed my major from Graphic Design to Advertising. Skywalker says, “Good call, man. Me? I’ve had enough of Suffolk. I’m totally leaving this place.”

I bet you he’s going to graduate here.