Random 12/08/08

  • Since I was two episodes behind, I dropped Yozakura Quartet. Despite the harsh things I say about it elsewhere, it’s not an altogether bad show. The character interaction is great, but that’s not really enough to save it from its really bad plot. The show also has some slick character designs, it’s just that the bozos over at Normad can’t present them properly at all. What’s with all those dumb bright colours? Man, it’s like the only good show they’ve ever made is Chocotto Sister! *CONTROVERSIAL STATEMENT*
  • I am also two episodes behind on ef – a tale of emo losers but I won’t be dropping that, even though I think the show is terribly written. It’s a SHAFT show, so I have some moral obligation to see it through. That said, the SHAFTness of it sucks, too. Shin Oonuma really is a talentless hack who is simply a mere shadow of his master. I guess the openings and endings are neat, though.
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index has finally come out of its funk and is entertaining again. The latest arc wasn’t especially great, but it was fun and lacked the menacing walls of text that plagued the first six episodes. The show still needs to bring in more of the girls, but I guess Index is enough for now~
  • Michiko and Hatchin is a really great show, and I should write a longer entry about it eventually. What sets it apart from the rest is its film/TV drama like nature. The directing is that of a live action piece, and never feels too cartoony. However, I do think the direction falters in some areas, but we can forgive Sayo Yamamoto for that, right?
  • Speaking of me missing images on Danbooru, how did I miss this (very not safe for work) work of art? This is the best piece of Mikuru porn I’ve seen in a while, and every naked picture of Mikuru I have is amazing.
  • So I guess that Touhou anime has a cast of real voice actors. My Touhou-Fuhai is still weak, but this seems pretty cool.
  • I don’t really mind the art in ChäoS;HEAd, but I guess I’m speaking as someone who draws worse than that.