Comic Books 11/21/08

Manga are comics. They are published in books.

I’m cutting into my Special Fund here, but these are the only two US releases I’m really following, so I figure I’ll get them right when they hit, especially since volumes from both of those series come out about once every two years.

Since I totally forgot where Trigun Maximum left off, I started reading Evangelion on the train ride back home, since I’m familiar enough with the TV series plot to just pick it up and not be totally lost. I still love Sadamoto’s vision of the story. I’ve seen episodes of the TV series way too many times, so a different angle on the story is quite refreshing. It looks like it’s finally about to end, too! I really like how in one panel Sadamoto has a drawing of the Twin Towers in flames, in attempt to illustrate the folly of man. Way to date your comic! Now everyone will know of the ~10 years between volume 1 and volume 11!

When buying these, I attempted to strike up conversation with “The Asian Guy” at Tokyo Kid, asking him how those US-made dakimakura are selling. I asked him this because I assumed he was One Of Us (he was assembling some goth loli figure at the counter) but he seemed very uncomfortable. In an attempt to make it seem like I wasn’t making fun of him, I admitted to owning a lot of hug pillows myself. He then got more uncomfortable. I expected better of you, Asian Guy At Tokyo Kid!