Fall 08 Impressions PART VI

Fall season review comes to a dangerously GORY, SASSY and FABULOUS end.


Holy social commentary Godman! Talk about engrossing.This was almost the most gripping first episode of the season just short of Ga-Rei-Zero. The real selling point for this one is that the main character is an otaku, a development I so totally wasn’t expecting. To make it better, he’s all sorts of kimoi. Not a lolicon, though. A pity.

I’m being cautiously optimistic with this one, though. Don’t be distracted by Madhouse’s name in the opening credits, because Imagin’s name IS RIGHT UNDER IT. If we start seeing ball-shaped cabbages, I’m dropping this one.

Michiko to Hatchin

This show’s promotional material promised SASS, CRASS AND ASS, but this first episode was mostly CRASS with a side of ASS and SASS. We do get a lot fun things like jailbreaks, gunfights and general chaos in this opener, but a majority of this episode was spent laying down the backstory for the loli side of this show. Which is totally fine, since it really helped develop her character, and the end of this first episode promised more SASS, CRASS AND ASS so I’m not complaining.

I want to mention the opening sequence, because it’s an absolutely classy piece of work. Not quite the Cowboy Bebop level of awesome, but it does reach the quality of a SHAFT opening, but instead of tickling otaku sensibilities, it plays out like an animated album cover from some 1960s record.


Most people regard Legend of the Galactic Heroes as one of the greatest anime space operas ever made. I’ll just take their word for it for the time being, seeing as I have no time to hack through 100+ episodes of men telling their giant fleets to SURROUND THE ENEMY AND FIRE WHEN THEY’RE WITHIN RANGE. Instead I’m watching Tytania, a slightly shorter story by the same guy. This first episode was very much what I imagine any given LotGH episode is like, so in that respect it didn’t disappoint. However, I’m not sure of how long I can handle guys sitting around telling other guys to shoot at stuff.

Also the ending song for this show is horrible

And that’s a wrap! The only two things I missed this time were Jigoku Shoujo 3 and Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. The former because no one has subbed it and the latter because I don’t believe it’s available yet. Shame about JS3, though. That series looked like it actually had a plot this time around.