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Yeah yeah, I’m wild, crazy, and free of all morals, but I like to keep the front page of this site fairly work-safe, so as such I’ve censored this comic. Do not fear, though, for an uncensored, and funnier version of the comic does exist. Inspiration for this one came from the room rules present in my new digs. I’m living in kind of a boarding house situation right now, so the rules are stricter than when I was living an apartment, but I can deal. Anyways, I found rule 9 to be funny, so I just drew a comic around it. Oh yeah, I guess I better credit some doujin artists here, considering I’ve stolen some imagery. The books in the panel four are the works of You Nagisawa, Koume Keito, Miki Miyashita and Atsushi Yamasomethingorother. The desktop image in panel five is by this awesome dude.

I was planning on re-watching Nadesico at MIT since they were showing it, but when I went there today I saw they were playing the release with all the horrible overlays. It was fun to see the first four episodes again and pick up on some of the early clues and nods to future events, but I’m far too much of anal purist to watch something from ADV’s darkages. I’ll still pop in for Windy Tales, though. That show’s pretty ok, but by the time they got to it I was nodding off.

Zero no Tsukaima has hit a pretty good balance between plot, character stuff and fanservice. I’m actually getting into this little rescue plot they have going on now, and Louise’s inner struggles are cute. Of course, I still watch it for the skin, and it looks like the next episode will deliver that well.

You really gotta feel sorry for the guy in Detroit Metal City. His life is just fucking terrible, and I don’t know if I should laugh at him or cry with him. That’s not to say that the show isn’t totally hilarious, because it is, it’s just that poor Negeshi doesn’t get a break! Also, I know it’s terrible, but I have both the metal opening and the Flipper’s Guitar-ish ending themes stuck in my head. AT THE SAME TIME, GOD.

That’s all for this week. It’s pretty late, so I’m gonna plop myself in bed and try to sleep in. Try, since waking up at 6:30am all summer has ruined me forever. Now it’s pretty much impossible for me to sleep past nine, but dammit I’ll try!