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See! I told you it’d be the same joke again! And this comic is more poorly written than the last. I really gotta learn to streamline my writing like Penny Arcade. How does Tycho do it? Man’s a genius. Next week’s comic will be actually funny though, don’t worry.The art here is kind of fine. I’m still trying to find a decent way to do eyes. One thing I noticed about most modern styles is that they don’t really do eyelashes that much. Some modern styles still do it, but it’s kind of rare. The way I draw eyes is kind of held over from the 90s. I like having the eyes spike out the way they do, but at the same time I want to make my style look more modern. But first I guess I gotta learn how to draw bodies, lawl.

MIT is screening a lot of things I’m actually interested in, so as such I’ll probably be there every week for the next couple of months. Last night they showed Gankutsuoh and Mushishi. Gankutsuoh looks like it was a SHAFT show pushed up to 1000% and set against Windows 95’s 3D Maze screensaver. And it mostly works, aside from some really bad 3D stuff at times. The story thus far is pretty interesting, and the Count himself is pretty badass. The whole thing is terribly gay, though. I mean seriously. Mushishi is good, just incredibly slow. By the fourth episode was I falling asleep. It’s not a bad show by any means, but they gotta space that shit out with episodes of Detroit Metal City or something. They also showed Nogizaka Haruka, which was the same as always. The guy in front of me panned it as terribly generic. While it is, I would have argued that it also does this, that, and the other thing but I was entirely too tired. I blame Mushishi.

I started reading Otaku no Musume-san again, but this time in Japanese. I downloaded the first 3 volumes raw off of Perfect Dark a while back, and have only recently attempted reading them. It took me about 30 minutes to get through chapter 7, but I almost understood it 100% of it due to the (really tiny) furigana. The chapter was mostly chatter between kids, so future chapters with adults speaking may get difficult… but I’ll try my best! (by the way, if anyone can suggest to me any other manga with furigana that I’d like please let me know…)

Another thing I’ve been reading lately is Patrick Macias’ JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL INFERNO. I’ve had this book since Christmas, but have only now gotten around to reading it. It’s a great book, as expected. Patrick is an amazing writer and can really get you excited over anything. I had no idea the history of Japanese schoolgirl fashion could be so interesting, but it is. Of course, the stuff Patrick covers is positively bizarre, but his writing really involves you in the history behind this stuff. It’s almost like you’re there yourself! After this I may read Fresh Pulp, or something.

That’s all for this week! I’ll see you all later.