Comic Site Rant: “I’m a 20th Century Girl”

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…and with this strip, the entire comic takes place in Massachusetts. Well, I guess that was already the case when I made the characters hanging out at T Stations, but still. The location of the comic has always been a vague thing, but lately I’ve been opting to make the characters hang out in real locations… sometimes. I’m not in Boston right now, however, so I’m unable to snap locations and work off of them, but once I get back that’ll probably be happening. It makes for more realistic backgrounds! Anyways, I think this comic turned out fine. Some of the facial expressions are wacky, but overall I think it’s ok. The script is fine too, I guess.

One complaint this comic often gets from the Peanut Gallery– aside from the art being atrocious– is that it’s not funny. I’m inclined to agree; I’m not a good writer. I’m still trying my best to carve out jokes while staying true to my character’s thinly defined traits, along with only making comics based around anime fandom. It’s a hard thing to do, but I’m not going to use that as an excuse. Comics need to be funny, and if they’re not they fail, full stop. If I had to look at my work completely objectively, I’d say that most of it would barely garner a modest chuckle. So, I’m asking you guys– what do you find funny about anime and its fandom? What would you like to see lampooned? What kind of humour makes you go nuts? Or is the current style of the comic fine? Not sure how many of these responses I’ll actually implement, but it’d be interesting to read them. So, leave a comment!

Anyways, moving on to a less angsty subject (?)– Otakon. It’s in a week, and a few updates ago people said they wanted to meet up, so a meet up will happen. As of right now, I’m thinking 1:30pm on Friday would be good. IIRC it’s 90 minutes after the Dealer’s Room opens, and 30 minutes before the opening ceremonies, giving you time to shop, and time before the opening ceremonies if you wish to attend those (I kind of want to see the opening animation out of morbid curiosity.) That’s the plan for now– if any of the people meeting up have issues with that time, leave a message. The meeting place will be that coffee shop (I believe it’s a Starbucks) near the registration booths and by one of the main entrances. I hope everyone knows where that is. I’ll be wearing a hat.

Saimoe has apparently started, but I think I’ll watch it from the sidelines this year. It was fun to participate, but getting around Comcast blocks was a total pain. Once it gets to the point where I reside in Japan, I will participate no problem, but until then… I’ll just catch the highlights. Also, Kaede probably isn’t in the running, so what’s the point? :V

This anime season is really brutal. I’ve dropped Telepathy Shoujo Ran since I was three episodes behind, and it didn’t seem all that hot anyway. If for some reason it gets crazy good praise then I’ll get back on it, but for right now it’s dead. I’m enjoying the rest of what I’ve ended up with, but I’m still always stuck in backlog. Like I keep saying each week… I’ll try and finish that backlog off today. It’s only about four episodes now…!

And with that I’m off. Later.