Summer 08 Impressions PART III


Third three~

Hidamari Sketch x365: I’m actually liking this one. My problem with the first series was its pace, and I could only really enjoy it while in the right mood. I suspect it’s the same with this one, since it’s just more of same, but I just know when I should watch it now. The first episode is an unrelentless attack of fluid animation for about 15 minutes, then in the last half it goes back to business as usual. If you liked the first series, you’ll like this one.

Also, for some reason I totally forgot Yuuko Gotou was in this…!

Koihime†Musou: I generally steer clear of shows that involve badass fighting women, but since all the boob shows this season are of that ilk, I decided to submit and give some of them a try. One of these shows is Koihime†Musou.

I was pretty surprised by how much I liked this one. I usually like the pure, soft-spoken maiden types of girls, but the badass women in Musou don’t seem all that annoying, even if I’m not totally moe~ for them. The animation is solid, the writing is solid and the boobage solid, so I don’t see any reason not to continue unless it goes bad.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: This show is just so adorable. Studio Barcelona has won me over again, but this time with the cutest otaku girlfriend ever, and not mischievous lolis. Haruka, the title character, is just so hot and is the sole reason why I am watching this. It’s not like she’s the only good part, though– the production values are great and the show has a great opening and ending.

The only off putting thing is Mamiko’s acting, but that’s only because I’m used to her playing a spineless shota…