Comic Site Rant: 背中ごしにセンチメンタル

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Little late with this one, but that’s because I also updated on Monday and was working on something else site-related on Saturday. I think I should add “manipulative” to one of Tina’s character traits at this point. At first Tina was just supposed to be a straight man to Rets’ antics (and provide needed boobs– this is an any-may comic, after all) but I think it’s more fun to make both of them crazy. Tina’s still mostly the straight man in this lame comedy duo, but as an otaku she needs an insane side. As far as art goes, I’m mostly happy. Panels two and three came out the best, and panel one is mostly ok. I could never get the last one right, and Tina ended up looking really bad. Using my magic, I cut out most of what I didn’t like, but that face still needs lots of work. As you can see, Rets has his dead-end grocery store job again, stocking cans into shelves made out of stolen photos.

Gonna plug some things now– stuff of my own, and stuff for other people. First off, I’ve been doing a season review over the past couple of weeks across a number of blog entries. I do three shows an entry, and currently two entries are up, with a third on the way. I also threw together three reviews of some shows that recently ended, and that can be read here. I’m only plugging these because I want some comments, so humour me, ok? The other plug is for my buddy Kransom who is having an otaku sale. He’s selling manga, doujinshi, video games and more. So give it a look will ya!

I’m pretty behind on the new season, so instead of ranting on for a couple more paragraphs, I’ll get to work on this backlog. Later.

(no, this comic does not mean I watched 00.)