Last night I jumped into my DeLorean, set the destination for 1985, and took a colourful, sexual, violent, gory, and action-packed trip into the first installment of MEGAZONE 23 (that’s two-three, not twenty-three.) For those not in the know, Megazone 23 is the title that brought the OVA format into prominence, and is also the show that many people claim The Matrix rips off on. However, to me it’s a very interesting look back into the history of anime.

Megazone 23 is one of those shows you’ll see old guys talk favourably of all the time when they go on about the Good Ol’ Days. Me, being a relatively new anime fan (started watching things in ’99) lack such nostalgia, and can look at these things without the rose-tinted glasses. Simply put, Megazone isn’t as flawless and perfect as some of these guys may lead you to think. The storytelling is clunky, the animation is uneven, and the production is generally somewhat amateurish. Like the first Space Battleship Yamato, this show is filled with the staff just trying new things out, and not having much of a budget to mess with. It’s good as an educational experience, but as far as entertainment goes, it shows its age.

That isn’t to say it isn’t totally entertaining. This thing is just so 80s– one of the first scenes involves tons of copyright infringement (Cokes, mentions of McDonald’s and the Hard Rock Cafe), ridiculous outfits, poofy hair, and a perfectly straight guy who wears eye shadow for some reason. Yeah, I don’t know either. The synth-heavy soundtrack by Shiro Sagisu also does everything its power to date this thing, reminding you constantly that, YEAH THIS WAS MADE IN THE 80s. And it’s fucking awesome.

If you already know the big twist in the story (which you probably do, especially considering I gave it way in the first paragraph) then this doesn’t have much going for it storywise, since the twist basically is the story. The show doesn’t actually end either, so as far as plot goes, it’s kind of weak. I guess I have to watch part 2 before I can pass judgment though, so I’ll be doing that right now!