Comic Site Rant: Super Scooter Happy

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Before anyone says anything, yes, his neck is supposed be messed up like that. It makes that last panel all the more frightening. Maybe I should have added some CRACK CRACK sound effects.

Wanted to get this one out quick while the news was still kind of fresh. It’s already pretty old now, but better to post it now than this Saturday! This comic may be overreacting, though, because I just went on Nico and it seems people are still uploading MADs despite this BS. I wonder if that’ll change in a week from now? My mylist has suffered only minor damage thus far, with the Akagi/Hidamari Sketch op crossover being the only loss. Good thing I saved that!

This comic is ok. For some reason drawing people straight on is totally difficult, so I had to fix up a lot of things, mostly Tina. And even after fixing up Tina a lot, I still missed the giant mistake on her shirt. Oh well. She still looks kind of hot, right? Panel two is kind of messed up, as well. Way too angular and pointy. I do like that background, though. For those who can’t tell, it’s the side of a big-ish building. It’s a great hangout for teenagers!

That’s all for today. Hopefully I’ll have a comic up for next Saturday, but don’t count on it.