Summer 08 Impressions PART I

First three!

Sekirei: This is a boob show, but it has a lot of charm and very good animation for some reason. This is Seven Arcs, right? I hope the rest of the episodes look this good, because thus far the production values and boob animation are this one’s strength. Musubi is pretty cute, though.

Slayers Revolution: I’ve never seen a Slayers series in my entire life (I know, I’m horrible) but I sure did like this first episode! The writers do a great job at getting you acquainted with the characters, while at the same time delivering service for existing fans of the series– a win-win! And man, this show sure is 90s. They even keep the 90s design work! It’d be awesome of JC Staff went the extra mile and animated the entire thing on cel, but that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

And yeah, Megumi’s still got it.

Telepathy Shoujo Ran: On one hand this show is held down by NHK for the family BS, but on the other it concerns itself with dogs that attack people and can somehow manipulate lighters using their mouths. So, uh, it’s ok, I guess. So far the best parts are the random bursts of psychedelic colours that happen when psychic junk occurs.

Also, why the fuck is Tokyo Movie Shinsha doing this? They should be the ones working on the new Cobra anime!

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