Nico, I thought we HAD something, MAN

What the fuck, dude?

Why would anyone get rid of the sole reason why people visit their site? It’s like if a restaurant suddenly announced that they would stop serving food. It’s exactly like that. The Nico community is mostly built around parodies on copyrighted material, so naturally a good number of the videos on the site will contain copyrighted material. If you get rid of that, you’re basically killing the community. Simple as that. And really, it’s not like MAD movies or even openings and endings are full episodes. Why get rid of them? I said it once, and I’ll say it again– telling fans not to produce fanworks based on your product (in this case, MAD movies) is basically the same as telling them not to love your product. Do these uptight suits with giant metal rods up their arses realize that these things are pure expressions of love? These guys making these things love your product, you motherfuckers! Jesus Christ.

I really feel betrayed. Nico always struck me as a cooler, more personal version of Youtube with a proper community that felt like family you never knew. The fact that kumikyoku and MAD movies will be gone really makes me sour. Where will the community go? Is an invasion of YouTube in order? Will some random JP anon make his own Nico clone? Who knows…

I can only hope that Nico eventually sees the errors in their ways and fixes things up, but I highly doubt it.

(Yes, I wrote this instead of watching Megazone 23. It’s too late for that, anyway…)