You can think, talk and breath Poke’mon

Here’s how it happened: One of the pencil boards taped up on my wall fell down behind the shelf, and while I was moving the shelf away from the wall to get the thing, this ancient piece of paper from elementary school slipped out.

See, Pokemon was fucking hot like 10 years ago. So hot that my school (and probably many others) banned it since it was interfering with stuff. As such, they did this– the “Pokemon Festival” in which one could, as the sheet says “think, talk and breath Poke’mon.” Honestly, the experience must not have been terribly memorable, since I can only remember it now because of this little slice of the past that I happened to trip over. I was sure into those Pokemon back then, though. I still have my 5 billion cards stored away some place. I could probably sell them all for like 50 cents or something.