Indiana Jones 4

Yeah, I know this is an anime blog, but this is like the only movie I’ve watched in a cinema since like 2004.

So, Indy 4. It was pretty good. Captured a lot of the magic of the originals while mixing it up a bit with some wacky shit. As far as plot goes, it’s probably the most ridiculous one out of the four, but that doesn’t really hurt it at all. Though, as a Jones movie, it kind of falls flat. While all the chases and fights are good, it feels like it’s going through the motions now.

This one kind of falls between Temple of Doom and Last Crusade for me. It’s a lot better than Temple (not a difficult thing to do) but not quite as epic Last Crusade. It doesn’t even touch Raiders, which will forever be my favourite.

Also, it really suffered from lack of Sallah!