Just because Porter Square is filled with Japanese people doesn’t mean you should dress up as Naruto characters and walk around the exchange mall

Seriously, what the fuck? I don’t even see cosplayers in Tokyo Kid past the odd Naruto headband, so why the fuck are they parading through this small Japanese shopping center? Last week I saw two Naruto guys, both clad in leather, too many belts, and one had horribly dyed green hair. Just today, when I was down there to get a hot plate of curry along with some mochi ice cream I saw some guy dressed as Athrun just walking around with his friends, one of whom was wearing a cape and was probably cosplaying as some character I don’t know.

I mean… c’mon. Do they think just because it’s a Japanese shopping center they’re allowed to dress up as anime characters and just sit down at Kotobukiya for some sushi? I mean, I try my best to just not even wear anime shirts around there…

comic regarding this hilarity is written but may or may not become a reality