Anime Boston Con Evaluation

My con experiences aren’t defined by events, but more by general emotions and feelings. As such, I can’t really write proper con reports, since I can barely remember what even happens event by event. I can however give you a general rundown of the kinds of things that went on in the Hynes on that cold weekend in March.

It’s not a mystery by now that the con was sub-par. I mean, Anime Boston isn’t exactly known for its stellar guest list, which is part of the reason why I go to cons. I couldn’t care less for the guests this year, except for maybe The Pillows (who I ended up missing, anyway.) So before the con even started, I had nothing to be excited about (at least they had Imagawa last year!) However, even with my low expectations going in, I still got disappointed. The only thing that really made me sour was the lines though, but this sour feeling permeated throughout con by way of the various con goers, thusly putting something of a damper on things. Other than the line issue, the con didn’t have much in the way of interesting panels either, which I kind of expected. The only good panel was Mike Toole’s black and white anime panel, and the rest ranged from serviceable to garbage. The two industry panels I hit up, FUNi and ADV, were fine but nothing of note happened. There was a doujinshi panel which was almost horrible, but I kind of liked it since it was about doujinshi. Note to those panelists, though: when your attendance knows more than you do, there is a problem. It’s not all death and destruction, though. The Dealer’s Room managed to put a big ol’ hole in my wallet, and I hung out with various fun internet personalities, so that stuff almost made up for the crappiness of the con itself.

Seems interest in mainstream fandom has shifted towards Death Note, and for some reason I’m noticing more yaoi appreciation than ever before. Let’s hope it’s just a fad. Nothing wrong with Death Note, mind you. I just don’t see how people can make countless AMVs from the show given it consists entirely of talking, thinking and staring. Oh well, better than Naruto, I suppose. Or, god forbid, Bleach. But why is Kingdom Hearts so popular? That’s not even an anime! Oh, silly US fandom.

Overall I had a good time, despite the organization mishaps. That stuff did bleed into my enjoyment of the con, but not by much. By Sunday, I didn’t care anymore. I won’t be going back next year, but hopefully that’ll be because I’m in Japan studying abroad~




This is almost the last of my Anime Boston coverage. A comic, which has already been completed, will go up on Saturday, finishing off this series of madness.