Podcast: Anime Boston Day 2


Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

  • Me
  • Zonaxx
  • DS
  • Zonaxx’s brother
  • Zonaxx’s friend
  • Magusman
  • Random Wanderer
  • Booth Guy A (Asian Hen Da Ne guy)
  • Booth Guy B
  • Booth Guy C
  • Hinano
  • jpmeyer
  • Seiya
  • Centimetre

A lot of random Dealers’ Room chatter in this one. Most of what I got with RW and Magus in there was unusable, so a bunch of it comes off as random one-off-exchanges. Oh yeah, I started to use my Navel bag on Saturday, and people kept asking me about it. Hinano and JP’s interview didn’t come out as audible as I had hoped, but you can mostly hear them…

Sunday coming next, and after that pictures + general evaluation + comic in the next week.

Only referring to Zonaxx’s bro and friend as such because I’m not sure if they want their names on the interwebz and I don’t know their net handles :x

It seems upon further investigation Big X isn’t really about fighting for the Nazis. But Big X is still a Nazi super weapon.