Comic Site Rant: Breaking Eggshells

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Here is a comic. I forget if it’s good or not at this point. Pretty much speaks for itself.

Anyway, Anime Boston. First day sucked because 3.5 hours of it were spent in line. After that I met up with a few people, talked and bought some stuff. Went to a couple panels, too– FUNi’s industry thing and Mike Toole’s black ‘n’ white anime panel. Other than that, nothing of interest happened. Quite an underwhelming day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Oh yeah, the lines were crazy. My friend was in the normal reg line for 6 hours, and got to skip parts of it. Yeah. Anyway, hopefully a podcast of this madness will materialize in the near future.

Going to watch some bad anime (DRAGONZO) then go to bed. Later.