Mnemosyne 2

  • Yuri out of the blue is quite surprising, but not unwelcome.
  • Convoluted plots are convoluted (that or Doremi’s subs just suck.)
  • This show has an incredibly gross guro fetish that rubs me in entirely the wrong way.
  • Even though Rie Kugimiya isn’t playing a tsundere loli they made her say BAKA and URUSAI anyway.
  • Why is anime filled with retarded women who say shit like “I’M LOOKIN’ FOR AN ANGEL. I FIGURE SINCE THIS BUILDING IS TALL I’D BE ABLE TO LOOK FOR ANGELS.”

You know, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Mnemosyne would be a pretentious piece of crap just from the name and the few bits of promotional material that surfaced originally. Thankfully, the show is anything but. I wouldn’t call it lighthearted, but it doesn’t take itself any more seriously than it needs too, and actually just loves being as trashy as possible. My problem with it is how it obsesses over its trashiness, by pilling on layer upon layer of shock in the form of gratuitous gore and blood spray. Making some of these gory scenes sexual doesn’t sit right with me either, but I suppose it’s all a matter of preference.

The imagery put on by the opening, ending and in the episodes themselves throw the viewer some mysteries, but I can’t be arsed to care about them. On top of that, while the characters do what they do well, I can’t really care for them that much either. They’re probably not moe enough, or something.

Basically what I’m saying is Menmosyne is pretty ok, but I don’t especially care about it. I’ll probably see it through to the end, but I’m not expecting much.