Comic Site Rant: “This is the meaning of your life, and this is the meaning of your smile”

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I was quite surprised to see that when I woke up this morning (at around 11am) that the site had already garnered 2000+ visits, which is more than I usually get in a single day. Right now it’s up to 3,500. Turns out someone posted one of my comics on Stumble Upon, and the site seems to be getting a lot of traffic from that. I can’t say I’m not happy, but the art in that particular comic is so godawful, I feel bad about it being exposed to so many people. Oh well. Traffic is traffic. Thanks to whoever posted it.

Anyway, on to this comic. This is probably the worst comic for a new reader to stumble upon (LOL) given it requires knowledge of the characters and running gags. The point of this comic was to bring all the main characters together, since up until now, they’ve not all been in the same comic. I kind of like this one. The idea of Rets and Tina doing a double assault on Brad with horrible porn is amusing to me. Not sure if it will be for everyone else. The art in this comic is fine. Nothing amazing, but solid. I like the panel layout. Lately I’ve been making an effort to have things flow better. This one was easy since there were no speech bubbles, so that was one less variable to worry about.

I watched The Cockpit the other day. For those who don’t know, The Cockpit is a set of OVAs based on old Leiji Matsumoto comics about WWII. I thought they were fine. The subs I got weren’t the greatest, so that probably played into my impression of the work as a whole. I’d like to see a professional release of this, since I’d most certainly buy it, just to see it in the hands of a competent translator.

That’s all I got for now. I know for certain there will be an update next week, since I actually already have that comic done with.