Comic Site Rant: It’s gonna rain tonight

Original Post

“no author is stupid enough to talk about their own comic on 4chan, except dan kim”

And indeed, I am not that stupid. Hell, I don’t even post on 4chan. Clearly someone is running around in my skin.

Context would help, I suppose. Rewind to about a week or so ago– I’m bored and decide to google my name, looking to see if people are saying dirty things about me (that’s the one and only reason I blog and make a comic, after all.) I was happy to see that I had hit gold in the form of a 4chan thread. The thread, however, was gone. So, to narrow things down, I only searched for my name within 4chan, and then proceeded to add various other words after my name, trying to get other parts of the thread to appear in the google excerpt. Nothing of much interest showed up, but after that I searched for my name on 4chan daily. Throughout the week I came across more threads, all deleted, and repeated the same process to try and get the general gist of them. I came across remarks such as “stop posting wildarmsheero” and “gtfo wildarmsheero.” Now, in my mind, “wildarmsheero” was shorthand for “wildarms’ stupid horrible comic fuck that stuff” so I assumed they wanted whoever was posting my comics to stop. It wasn’t until I came across the quote posted above did I conclude that someone was impersonating me. So yeah, guys, I don’t post on 4chan. I’m a 2chan/danbooru guy. On the few times that I do post on 4chan, it’s always as anonymous. Back in ’03 when the site first hit, I did post under wildarmsheero and used a tripcode, but that seemed more common back then. I haven’t done that for a good four or so years now, though. Anyway, one good thing came out all of this. In one of the google excerpts, someone mentioned that I had dated the last comic incorrectly. I have since amended the comic, and thanked 4chan accordingly.

But, enough about that. Surprisingly enough, I like how this comic turned out. The background is pretty solid, and the character art is mostly ok. Rets looked pretty weird in some cuts, but I managed to hide the parts I didn’t like with cropping and shading. Still, it’s not perfect, I make my usual mistakes, but I like it. One thing I have to improve on is fabric folds and shading. Unlike anatomy, I can’t quite see the method in the madness that is fabric folds, and to a lesser extent, shading. Guess I have to do more life drawing. Don’t know if the script is funny, since I’ve read it 100 times and wrote it like months ago.

Don’t have much to talk about anime-wise. Winter season is slow, and I haven’t yet picked up any older titles to plow through. Newest Zetsubou Sensei was amazing for a number of reasons, but I don’t wanna spoil it. Other than that, I watched the first four episodes of Dennou Coil at MIT. I decided to give the show another shot since they were showing it. I still find it really boring, but it’s better in large chunks rather than bite-size portions.

Anyway, that’s all for this week. Later.