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I like this script. It’s solid. Gets the point across. Art is kind of bland, but let’s just say it’s a joke on Gunslinger Girl 2’s poor quality animation. I was going to give GSG 2 the three episode test, but once episode 3 rolled around and I hadn’t even watched episode 2, I gave up since I could only stand the show one episode at a time. I’m buying the manga now, so it’s not as if I’m missing out on anything.

In other site news, we have some new fanart and a new wallpaper. And yes, if anyone was wondering, I will eventually get around to updating the reference guide.

Caught six episodes of Baccano! at MIT last night. I had planned to watch the show when it first aired, but didn’t really get around to it. I was going to marathon it, but after it was over, all the wrong people where praising it, so I passed. I noticed MIT was showing it, so decided to go since if I can’t be arsed to download it, I’ll just walk 20 minutes watch it with something like 30 other people. It’s quite a good show. As of right now, not as good as some people make it out to be, but it’s good fun. The series is special because it has a lot things you don’t normally find in anime, and instead pulls from older American films with a hint of anime craziness to spice it up. It works well. I like the ensemble cast– each character gets a decent amount of time to show off how fun and wacky they are, so the show is never really boring in that respect. Naturally, my favourites are Isaac and Miria. The story is full of mysteries right now, but the show bogs you down with so much stuff that it’s hard to really wonder about them. But that’s fine, since half the fun is just watching it all play out, and hoping all the stupid commotion makes sense in the end. I should note that the opening is really awesome, and is now one of my favourites. It also gets bonus points for doing the Snatch thing.

Also, MIT anime club, as much as I love you, I find issue with what is considered to be “Essential Anime.” Actually, I only really object to two titles, those being Nodame and Gravitation. Replace those two with an episode of Zeta Gundam and Space Battleship Yamato. Hell, even episodes of Haruhi and Lucky Star would do– they’re far more “essential” than the likes of Nodame and Gravitation.

That’s all for right now. Time to use the free time I have now to get through some backlog. Later.