Comic Site Rant: Dote Up A Cat

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I watched Soultaker earlier in the week. I promise I won’t do this ever again. Maybe. The script is about how downloading doujinshi is kind of bad. I know I have at least two Japanese readers, and one of them took offense to my comics about downloading doujinshi. If I could buy doujin easily, I would, but I can’t. I download them because my penis is stronger than my morals, but I do buy as many as I can at cons and the like. Also, this comic references this other comic, if you forgot about it.

In other site/comic news, we have some fanart. I’d also like to draw attention to my year in review, since I didn’t write ~3,500 words just so no one could read them. Also this Eva review, which is just what everyone else wrote back in September, but whatever.

That’s all. I just got back to Boston, so I’m bit worn out from traveling.