Random site stuff

  • I have a bunch of blog posts planned that I really want to get around to, such as one giant 5000 word YEAR IN REVIEW post (I rather not spread it out like Jeff or Omo), a thing about “mainstream anime”, a review of some anime goods, and hopefully finishing blogging Cobra. I don’t see how those episode review bloggers do it. I can barely handle just doing 7 or 8 episodes all at once.
  • I made a comic that’ll go up on Wednesday, and will work on one for Friday/Saturday. I don’t know if I’ll stick to two comics a week, but I’d like to do it when I can. Hopefully I’ll also have time to update this site, too.
  • Some Polish girl got mad at me on her Polish LiveJournal in Polish. Apparently she got her knickers in a twist over my awesome Bones post and hates me because I’m a man and she’s a fangirl. I put her paragraph about me through a translator, and while the output makes no sense, there’s enough dirty words in there to convince me that she is mad. “What will explain anybody < somebody > be GREAT MORON SO wildarmsheero? So, it in amount exactly begin following he (its; his; it) bloga – that (in order to) bring up self-estimation reading it all stupidity . But this time lack words me. CRY MOAR, FAGGOT! I did not know, that ” zomg, all love ” BONES lol!!11oneone. > _ >;”


Man, I’ll never understand women. This is why I’m 2D pure, so I don’t gotta deal with them beyond casual friendships. Let’s hear it for running away from reality! I am an A student at the Shinji Ikari school for being a total wimp.