I have found the perfect cosplay for me.

His name is Ban from Pani Poni Dash. He’s an extremly obscure character who hardly ever shows up at all and I doubt many fans of the show are even aware of his existence (or at least the fact that he has a name.) I only remember him showing up once, but according to Japanese wiki and the character page on the official site, it seems what he does is pass judgment on gags by declaring them either SAFE or OUT.

The best part about this costume is it requires little in the way of technical skill or effort. All it requires is something like 50 dollars for the mask, the cap and the green tie, all of which can be easily acquired off Amazon. The other great part is that it covers my face. I’m not an especially attractive person, so costumes where my face is covered are would be ideal, since anime characters in general are extremely pretty. So, it’s between this and a Big Fire minion. If I ever feel like cosplaying, I’ll go with Ban, simply because a Big Fire guy takes actual work, and people might mistake me for a KKK member (well, I am a KKK member, but it’s a different kind of KKK).