Re: Crazy Sunshine

I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my last comic rant. I really appreciate the feedback. The main issues brought up were consistency of artwork, writing style and update schedule. I’ll be addressing all of these now.

Artwork consistency: It seems I’m not the only one who has a problem with this. Part of this is because I’m trying to work out a style for myself. I kind of think my style is boring, and I want to give it a bit more individuality. So, yeah it’s something I’m working on.

Writing: People seem to want more character in the characters, which is understandable. I’d like to do character based arcs, but I’m afraid of turning into MegaTokyo. Also, given weekly updates, that’d take a lot of time (I say this even though I have something of a character-centric series (series meaning 2 comics) planned for the holidays). I will however try to put more character into their dialogue and actions.

I have to get these three things to work together in perfect balance: humour, message and character. I think most of the time MESSAGE overshadows all of those. I think it may help to focus less on such specific things all the time and just focus on some aspects of fandom in general. This comic kinda does it well, but kinda doesn’t.

When I say “Penny Arcade for otaku” I mean more a comic that serves the same general purpose that Penny Arcade does. As far as style goes, I’m thinking more along the lines of Mac Hall in terms of comic presentation and scripting, with the tone of things like NHK, Zetsubou and PPD when needed.

It seems people want better writing over better art. That’s fine, but there’s nothing more embarrassing than an ugly webcomic… thusly I will work on improving both art and writing at once, orz

Updates: Seems people want more updates, but if it comes at the cost of quality, they don’t mind.

I think at most I’d be able to swing 2 updates a week. I’ll have a less demanding major next semester, so lets see how that goes. This also requires having more ideas for comics, which is kind of hard, but getting easier lately.

Wow, it kind of just looks like I’m making excuses now. But rest assured I took all your words into consideration and will keep them in mind while making future comics. Once again, thanks.