Final word on this stuff

The little spot of dorama I created about a fortnight ago still hasn’t subsided. A few days ago the fine userbase of FANDOM WANK, a site which I had never heard of (since they’re not super cool enough for me to notice them) found my little internet slap-fight with Dark Mirage and insisted on talking about it. The comments are ok– some of them are actually quite good. I don’t have the time or drive to mine through all of them, but this one sent me in to fits wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

“One of the things I cannot get over about a fair few of these fanboy males is the way they act like they won’t settle for anything less than a petite Oriental bikini model on each pudgy white arm, never mind that they look like a shaved ape in a pizza-stained Shuffle! tee. The insistent way pale, spotty nerds complain that any girl who isn’t utterly perfect (or, le gasp, actually looks like a normal woman) is a hideous, pustule-covered buttertroll no guy in his right mind would touch with a ten-foot pole really gets me down sometimes. What the Hell do they see when they look in the mirror that they think gives them the right to demand perfection in a woman?”

The first hilarious thing that strikes me about this comment is how she assumes I’m both white and fat, which I’m not. Anyone who knows me will know I’m a somewhat dark-skinned Persian who is relatively well proportioned (though I will admit to the spots of acne, I am still just a dorky teenager.) The second hilarious thing is how she assumes I am interested in 3D women (“Oriental” women at that, wwwww) and that I look for perfection in 3D women, which is also wrong. I have a 2D-Complex which means I don’t like 3D women AT ALL. Not because they’re unattractive, but because they just aren’t my cup of tea. I prefer my girls rendered with thin lines and the fill-tool. I’ll admit some girls are moderately good looking, but I much rather rub against a pillow with Kaede Fuyou or Nagi Sanzenin on it, thanks.

The sheer amount of ANGRY FANGIRL present in this comment is hilarious. I won’t say it represents the general tone of the comments there, but it’s quality. It also remidned me that girls actually use the internet :V

This other one is funny for the same reason, but not as brilliant as the previous one by our black-hair-dying (EMOOOOOOOOOO), fanfiction-writing, nerdy fangirl from the UK.

Anyway, that’s my final say on my experimental work of art. I need to stop wasting time on this and get to watching old fanservice OVAs I started as a kid but never finished. Oh, Blockbuster, and your anime section in the 90s!