Shana was never a good show

Since I have no social life at all, most of my waking hours are spent on the Internet, specifically on anime messageboards. Now, since the world is 95% stupid and 5% smart, there are a lot of dumbasses on the internet. I’d like to think my chosen corner of Interweb contains some of the smart 5%, and for the most part it doesn’t disappoint. However, I sometimes run into comments that just blow my mind.

Guys, guys, guys, GUYS! Shakugan no Shana was never a good show. I repeat, SHAKUGAN NO SHANA WAS NEVER A GOOD SHOW. You wacky computer people on the intertrons seem to think that it was and think that this new show is somehow a step below that. No, it isn’t. It is just as bad.

I watched the first Shana series something like three months ago (alongside the first season of Nishizaki’s only good work, UCHUU SENKAN YAMATO) over the space of what was probably a few weeks. I tried desperately to see why people cream their pants over this show, and found nothing interesting past the (rather sexy) character designs. It was average. Infact, I’d go as far as to say that it was below average since the animation, for the most part, was horrible. Not quite GUN-DOH Musashi or Zaizen Jotaro levels of quality, but for the most part the animation was stiff, the characters were usually off-model and generally I found all the lighting effects to be quite muddy-looking. As far as important shit like plot and charaterization goes, they weren’t anything worth writing my folks about. The show is built around an interesting premise, but it seems the Japanese are genetically incabale of writing anything good around really cool concepts (hi, F/SN.) The “story” (which really just felt like fighting a new baddie every couple of eps for whatever reason) is similar to something I would write in 7th grade, and the charaterization is passable (I’ll admit to having a soft-spot of Kasumi.) Don’t even start with the “but I watched it for the action!” arguments since the action was typical horrible anime action.

This new show is really just the same, just with actual attention paid to making the characters kind of look like Itou Noiji’s original designs, which is probably the sole reason why I like this show better than the other one. All the other shit is just as bad, so I don’t see why people are making a fuss over it. But since all you guys are dropping it, you may as well fill the space with something that is actually good. Me? I’ll keep watching this show as I find it’s something decent to turn then brain off to. Kinda like porn.

you want the bad anime? you can’t handle the bad anime!