:mad: intermission ALSO sexy preview footage of :mad: 3

Sexy intermission music, by the house’s very own Isao Sasaki. Give him a clap, will you?!

I expressed distinct displeasure over getting level headed, somewhat well thought out responses to my epic fits of madness. However, times are changing with the comments left by Ashley (a crazy and angry woman, which are the funniest kinds of women) and wildarmshiro (I assume he is a bizzaro version of myself from Earth 942356 in one of our many wonderful alternate universes.) I’m quite happy with the amount of drama I’ve created. It really does put a giant smile on my face to read things like this and hilarious comments that go with it. This is almost as good as when I got banned from Something Awful.

ANYWAY, :mad: 3, the sexy final installment in this trillogy of terror will MOST PROBABLY BE a special installment in the MISTAKES OF YOUTH PODCAST (which is kind of on hiatus.) Here is a preview of what to expect.

Hey, I can’t talk right at 2am! But it gives me something to do since I can’t fukken sleep. I guess sitting on your arse doing nothing all day can do that to someone.