Better late than never! October 2007 anime

As usual, lifted from here.

Ok, since I’ve finally decided on what shows I’ll be watching, I guess I’ll list ’em.

Current Shows
Clannad: KyoAni once again produces a beautiful looking Key adaptation. Liking it very much.
ef: Only 2 episodes in, but it seems pretty confused. Watching mainly for the SHAFT factor.
Genshiken 2: Looks like they’re really going to mix things up in episode 4. Also, it’s nice to see this getting the love and care it deserves in terms of production value.
Ghost Hound: I actually really like Production IG, but lately they’ve been making nothing but super boring shows (Seirei no Moribito, Reideen.) This, however, has all the right ingredients for something very interesting, and if episode 1 is any indication, it should be.
Hayate no Gotoku: Just plain fun. I’m so happy it’s running for 52 episodes, though I wouldn’t mind if it went on forever. Nagi is adorable.
Kaiji: Gambling anime is awesome. I need to see more than 5 minutes of Akagi, eventually.
Kodomo no Jikan: One problem I found with the manga was simply the fact that it was a manga. Simple things like colour and voice acting really gives this story the kind of life it needs.
Minami-ke: Oh so delightful! I love every minute of this show. That said, I’ve only seen 2 episodes. Chiaki is the best, though a Kana is fine too. Both at the same time would be ideal.
Moyashimon: I’ve only seen the first episode. So far the best part of this show is the opening, though it has what it takes to become quite good.
Shana II: I’m liking the tighter quality control on the character design this time around. Though, three episodes in may be a bit early to pass judgment on something like that, but overall it looks better than the first one. I’m liking it weekly, and I may have liked the first one more weekly. Not sure if I could ever marathon it, though. Kasumi is hot.
Sky Girls: Kind of becoming less entertaining, but still watchable. Perhaps 24 episodes is too much?

Chopping Board
Dragonaut: A “so bad it’s good” show, right down the shitty Beast Wars-styled CG. Not sure how long I’d feel like keeping up with it just for that and the character design, though.
Gundam 00: Too many pretty boys.

Not so current shows
Rocket Girls: Meant to watch this when it first came out, but the subs were severely lacking, so I gave up on it. Recently acquired a batch, and am about half-way through. I’m glad I decided to catch up on it. It’s quite good. Nothing totally impressive, but it’s nice to watch.
Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2: Gets the corny space opera thing right, unlike the first series which just came off as kind of boring. It’s less “unpleasant situation of the week” and more “super crazy awesome manly thing of the week”.

Anything when I get the chance.