Comic Site Rant: You Get to Burning

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This comic seems pretty lame looking at it now, but whatever. I wanted to give Tina a hint of insanity to balance out all the wish fulfillment. Then again, some guys get off to yanderes. I guess I’m one of them. Oops. The line art here was pretty horrible, but the colouring saves it, I think. For once there is no crazy lighting effects, so I focused on making darkness look as pretty as possible. I like how it turned out.

I watched 8 episodes of Nadesico with my friend Seiya this weekend. Since I had never seen the show, he took it upon himself to screen some of it for me. I like it, but watching a bunch of episodes all at once makes it come off as very fast, and almost rushed. The episodes are briskly paced, and I feel better suited for watching one at a time, with at least a day (or like, an hour or so) between episodes. That and I’m not very good with marathons. Lack of attention span and all that. But hey, I’ve been listening to YOU GET TO BURNING all day, so that means something.

The specifics for Gunslinger Girl season 2 have been released, and the production staff, seiyuu, and even the studio are completely different from the original series. This isn’t totally bad, as it’s been left to some talented individuals. My only problem is that it’ll feel like a completely different show. Even though Genshiken changed studios 3 times, the vocal cast stayed the same, giving the show some sense of continuity. Since even the voices have changed, it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. Guess it’s good that I haven’t seen the first one for a while?

Anyway, that’s it. This day has been kind of bad, so I just wanna relax for the remaining hour of the day to some animes. Later.