Ugh fall season first batch of scathing reviews

I wasn’t going to do this, but since every other faggot in the anime blogosphere is, I figure I will as well. I haven’t watched many first episodes of this season, mostly because a good bulk of the shows look boring/terrible/uninteresting. It seems everyone is watching and reviewing those though. Queers. But yeah, I’ve watched 3 shows so far, and here’s what I think about them.


4:3 aspect ratio. Why oh why would anyone do this? It’s like pissing on The Last Super, or something.  Questionable decisions by TV stations aside, this is pretty good. I’m not ZOMG FUCKING FLOORED like I was with the first episodes of Air and Kanon, but it may be the fucking 4:3 aspect ratio putting me off again. First episode was pretty brisk, almost too brisk. As far as direction goes I don’t think it’s as good as what I remember from Air or Kanon. Could stand be to slower, but I guess they have to make due with whatever episode count they got. The moe factor is pretty high up there. I’m already head over heals for Nagisa, and all the other girls aren’t looking so bad either. But yeah, can’t wait for episode 2/widescreen episode 1.


Hey look it’s a mainstream Gonzo show. First episode was serviceable, but hardly gave us any exposition. Has a lot of cliched elements, but that doesn’t really bother me since nothing is original anymore. It stars an emokid called Shinn Asuka Jin Kamishina whose family gets killed in a freak accident. Now he spends his days being emo until he meets a MYSTERIOUS YOUNG GIRL and that is when his life changes. Or some dumb bullshit like that. Yeah, I’m not watching this for story or anything. I just like the Uno Makoto designs. Provided the animation doesn’t get shitty and the story remains somewhat intelligible then I’ll keep with it.


I caught 5 minutes of Akagi late night at Otakon 2006 and thought it was absolutely fucking incredible. Once I find time I need to marathon it. Kaiji is the other manga by the Akagi guy and it’s filled with hilarious character design, gangsters and gambling. And is also totally badass. Yeah, I think I’ll be keeping up with this one. It’s a good change of pace from the stuff I normally watch.

There you go, three half-assed reviews. Time for bed.

And yes, the top image has nothing to do with anything.