One more thing before bed

Amazon reviews make for good reading…

“ai yori aoshi and ai yori aoshi enishi are such great shows i feel that this show has something for both the guys and the girls and the voice acting is pretty ok, so i would definetly recomend this to anyone.geneon had a good idea when they decided to make these shrink brick sets, and they did i know that a lot of people prefer thinpaks and all but i really love this idea becuase usualy when i get a thinpak one of the dvds will come lose and start rolling around in the case and get scratched (expecialy with bandais packaging) but that almost never happens with regular dvd cases, and this is the first time that Geneon has made something so affordabel, these really do have a good price.”

That is the best sentence. It doesn’t need a qualifier like “ever”, it’s simply the best sentence.

“It had romance, comedy, and some situations I myself would not find! But, overall, I liked it alot!!! And I do recomand it to all!!!”

And I do recomand we all write like this from now on.