Lucky Star is over

Lucky Star, one of the most CONTROVERSIAL SERIES EVER MADE (for some reason) comes to a close. While I feel it is an uneven work, I never hated it. It had its fair share of great, good and ok episodes. One problem with the show is probaby how it got too caught up in its own phenomenon. I’m talking about all the otaku in-jokes and the like. While I enjoyed a lot of that humour, looking back on it, these things probably weighed the show down. Instead it could have stood to have more warm, sentimental moments, such as those near the end. In general I find that since there was a lack of many real sentimental moments, I found it hard to really attach myself to the show emotionally and have it resonate in my memory. Of course, I’ll never forget Konata, simply because I’m so much like her. But that’s about the only bit of emotional attachment I have for this show. It works as a decent assortment of jokes, character centric or non, but there’s not much past that. Another problem is how dated it’ll feel in like a week.

Despite this very large barbed compliment, it’s a neat piece. I say watch it before it gets too dated, as most of it will fall flat in coming months. I don’t know, maybe I’ll look back on this show fondly in 20 years as a reminder of this period in otaku history, much like otaku from the ’80s look back on Otaku no Video…

Anyway, that’s a wrap for Lucky Star. It’s been fun, but now it’s done. Oh, and just for the record, the Haruhi pimping didn’t bother me one bit.