Comic Site Rant: Oh god so tired

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You know maybe I should get a constant job instead of always worrying about running out of money to spend on useless crap. But enough about that, on to the comic. This is kind of extension of what I was trying to do here, but pulled off better. I was going for the Shinkai look with the sunset, and tried to pull off some neat angles. Panels 2 and 3 didn’t come out as striking as I wanted them too, but the last two turned out a little better than I had originally envisioned, so it all works out in the end. I’m trying to pump as much moe as I can out of Tina lately. I like the design of her shirt, but the skirt is a little on the eh side. Overall she kind of looks like cake, but that’s fine. The writing sounds a bit too much like an advertisement, but I find it hard to make these exchanges sound natural. Maybe because they aren’t Oh well. I promise the next comic is better. I just need to draw it.

You may notice that the site went through some changes over the past week or so. I’ve added a badly written intro, updated the character section with better drawings, and a layout which is more manageable and also updated the staff section. You will notice David and Gundamsucker are now gone. See back before I started MoY I did a comic in highschool with them, and figured they’d carry over to this one. David worked with me for a while, then got too busy, and I kind of lost decent contact with GS after HS. It’s not we’re on bad terms or anything, we just go our own things to take care of. Oh yeah, there’s a forum now, too. Post in it and stuff.

I downloaded a bunch of porn for some reason, perhaps because I was horny and wanted to fap like most lonely otaku do. First on the list was HOT JUICY TEACHER. I can’t be bothered to look up the Japanese name, but it’s probably just as filthy-yet-doesn’t-sound-filthy-to-American-ears. Like Imouto Jiru. Anyway, I skimmed one episode of this and it seemed ok. There were some funny scenes which probably weren’t meant to be funny, and the sex was fine. It explores some fetishes I don’t really get into, and my teacher fetish wasn’t exploited how I wanted it to be. The character designs are funny, and the penises look like lolipops :???: I’ll probably delete it. I then downloaded MEGACHU. I watched it for about 7 minutes since the first 4 minutes were like a rape/dream scene, which was nice. Then it turned into wacky otaku hijinks which I skipped through since I wanted to fap and not laugh at wacky otaku jokes. There was a cunnilingus scene thrown in the middle, then an innocent sex scene at the end which was pretty hot despite being pretty by the book. The character design in this show was very good, and Fauna is teh sex. I may watch it all the way through! Other things I got where Tony’s Hayate doujin (which I may buy.) It has a bit too much Hinagiku, but it’s Tony so it’s awesome. Also his Nagi pics are tops. Only he could make softcore stuff so arousing. Then again I suppose scum splashed on a 13 year old girl isn’t that softcore. Got the School Days HCG pack, which is just screencaps from the animated scenes. I kinda wish someone would just rip the movies, jeeze.

Speaking of School Days, I’m half-way through the anime. It smells like a trainwreck, so much so that it’s painful watching it. It’s still because Makoto is an absolute dunce and sucks at choosing the right woman. Well, he didn’t suck at first, then he sucked when he got tired of her FOR SOME REASON. God. How could you reject a girl like Kotonoha? It boggles the mind. I’m not sure if I can stand another 6 episodes, but I’ll try to stick it out. Also, I really liked the animation for episode 6. Had that arty-animation quality without looking totally ugly and botching up the character design.

Some juicy Genshiken 2 news came in. This time in the form of screencaps and casting announcements. Yuko Gotou will be playing Sue, which fills me with infinite joy. It’ll give her a good chance to stretch her acting muscles (WHICH I KNOW SHE HAS >:() and to practice her English, which will surely be cute as hell. The character designs look the best in this one. I don’t care if the show will mostly consist of pans over still images, so long as they look as pretty as those screencaps, I don’t mind.

That’s all I feel like ranting about today. I’ve done so much already, and I’m dead tired. I’m going to chill out to some cartoons then hit the hay. Until next time.