Those wacky teens!

School Days is an extremely frustrating show. This is mostly due the leading man, Makoto, who is one of the most irritating romance leads I’ve come across in a while. Not that I have much experience with the genre mind you, most of the romances I watch are also comedies. I still find he’s pretty annoying by any standard, because he just doesn’t know what he wants. So far the show has played out like HURRR I WANT KOTONOHA then HURR I TOUCHED YOU GOOD NOW I WANT YOU SEKAI. And I’m left going, “wow, does this dolt just think with his penis?” So far he’s really offered no other reason besides “durr I wanna touch your private parts” for having any interest in these girls. I find the only reason he’s gravitated towards Sekai is because she doesn’t put up much resistance, and of course he goes in for the kill RIGHT when Kotonoha opens up. If he starts two-timing consistently, then I’m scared of the resulting drama. At least the show is 12 episodes, so it’ll be quick and little painless. God, I just feel sorry for Kotonoha at this point.

…hang on! Isn’t Kotonoha School Days’ legendary YANDERE?! I kind of wish she’d kill Makoto, though. God

Also, Kotonoha’s large, bouncy, breasts have renewed by interest in well-endowed girls. However, her sister provides enough loli balance to keep me appropriately deviant.