A most troubling problem

I have a dilemma: I’m about the finish the Tenchi TV series, which by the way is mostly good due to nostalgia value, but seems a slightly above average series for its time. I prefer the first half to the second slightly, since it’s funnier. But yeah, I’m about to finish that up, and I need something else to re-watch.

I have a couple series out that I’ve been considering, mostly because I liked them enough when they aired/when I saw them, and I’ve been meaning to get around to watching them again. The series in question are: Giant Robo, Zeta Gundam, He is My Master, Shuffle!, Ah! My Goddess TV (both seasons), NHK ni Youkoso!, Lupin III series 1 and Shinigami No Ballad. This is a very strange list, I know. I have strange tastes. Who watches both Giant Robo and HiMM? And even then, since when does it become a dilemma to choose between the two? It is a mystery.

Chances are I’ll just watch Giant Robo before all of these because it’s short enough, and clearly one of the most important pieces of animation ever produced by human hands. After that, I may move on to Zeta Gundam (after reviewing the original movies again) as Zeta Gundam is awesome and must be viewed 700 times in any anime fan’s life time. After those two, I’ll go on re-watching the newer series from over the past three years. I would have put Karin and Air on that list, but they’re coming out on DVD now so I can just buy those. There are also a good amount of series I need to see for the first time. Things like Ideon, Cobra, Hokuto no Ken and Yamato 2. Maybe I should stop watching 10 new shows each season.

I was going to mix another post into this one about Saimoe, but this post became crazy long for some reason. I’ll make a Saimoe post later.