Comic Site Rant: In which we traumatize Yuuko Gotou

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Was completed on the 7th, but due to a power outage (nice going DC) and me being stuck on my brother’s PS3 until after midnight, it is being posted on the 8th. I am mostly happy with the CG work, even if it didn’t turn out exactly as planned. Tried to go Shinkai with a few panels just to try that out, and it works to some degree. Drawings are pretty bleh. Seems my job has thoroughly ruined my hands. I’ll try better next time. Hope you all can tell that’s Yuuko Gotou and Aya Hirano.

Hayate is nice as it is consistently good on all fronts at all times. Each episode is always at least amusing, the animation is always of a very high standard and the direction is always solid. Of course, what makes or breaks any episode for me is how much time Nagi gets, so as you can imagine the latest episode left me a bit cold. It was nice (because, like I said, the show is always good) but I’m more looking forward to next week, which looks pretty Nagi centric! I cannot wait~

Gurren Lagann is also very nice, as it is consistently awesome. I say this, but episodes 16-18 have kind of failed to impress me as much as previous ones did. In the case of 16 it’s obvious, because it was recap, but I needed some time to get into the post timejump stuff. This is mostly because some of the plot elements they threw out there seemed a bit cliched (Nia turning evil, Lord Genome not actually dead) but they are being handled fairly well. Also, how can you not like a plot that involved the moon crashing into Earth? Episode 19 was ultimate, and I look forward to more, especially with the twist at the end. Oh, and Rossiu is totally Ghiren. Just putting that out there. I’m with this guy.

I would talk about how awesome Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is but now that people are all over it I’m feeling a little cold towards it. Oh, it’s still brilliant, but this may be my “it’s popular therefore it sucks attitude” kicking in (as it does sometimes) or it could be I just have crazy expectations and am forgetting how to enjoy it. At any rate, it’s a great show. I really love the new opening. Creates a nice creepy atmosphere. I guess I gotta blog episode 4 soon.

Anyway, this is all for tonight. I gotta wash myself down then hit the damn sack. Tomorrow is pay day \o/