More Evangelion (Wevangeriwon) movie footage

Preview footage

Yes, I understand everyone has seen this by now, but when I wanted to post about it my server was down. Anyway, If you’ve read my feelings about the first trailer elsewhere, you should know that I found issue with comments such as “it’s just the same but with prettier animation.” I argued that all the scenes that were similar were just so iconic that it’d be a sin to change them. And of course, when doing a project like this, you’ll throw all the “memorable moments” out in front of the audience first. However, after seeing this new footage, and this 15 second teaser, I’m beginning to lose hope. Sure, it could just be they’re trying to put more AND MORE “memorable moments” in all the preview footage, but I can’t shake the feeling that they just won’t be changing much at all, at least for the first installment. Gainax, please, don’t fail me now.