Server Info

We were down for about a day or so due to a drive failure. As you can see, we’re back up and running now. Big thanks goes out to Zonaxx and his team of people at the datacenter for working hard to bring the system back up. Thanks a lot, guys. Because of this recent outage, much like Danny Choo, I’ve set up an alternate blog on for you guys to check if the server goes down, just to see what’s up. Chances are I won’t know myself, but hey, it’s something.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are some things I’m working on at the moment:

  • Kodomo No Jikan chapter 12: Between Otakon and the translator disappearing for a while, there’s been a little delay in our progress. But I’m trying to get back up to speed now. Currently 6 pages into chapter 12.
  • Comic 57: Line work is done, it’s just a matter of colouring it. And, as you may well know, that’s the toughest part. And for some reason I felt like drawing more than I needed for this comic.

The future:

  • Otakon photos: I’ll probably do this after I quit my job in two weeks. I need a lot of time to sort through them.
  • Otakon podcasts: Again, doing it after I quit my job. Editing takes time.

Soon I’ll be back in school, and I may even have a job so comic making and all that will be difficult, but I’ll shoot for one a week like always.