As Dark As Black

Look! at this product placement

I’ve been watching episodes of Darker Than Black lately. Despite my bias against the show when it first began, I’m starting to think it’s fairly decent TV. It doesn’t set my soul on fire like Gurren Lagann, and it’s not boner inducing laugh inducing like Hayate or Lucky Star. The enjoyment I derive from Darker Than Black is more the kind of enjoyment I get from watching older American films. Sure, the feeling is a bit watered down (perhaps DtB is just too Japanese in some ways) but I like it just fine.

The two episode story format is neat. It gives each story ample time to breathe, but even then the show bites off more than it can chew at points. There areĀ  a number of stories where mysteries are put out there but never really touched upon afterwards. I’m hoping this is just a technique to make sure we keep watching for the answers, but Japanese animation has a spotty track record regarding that. While it sometimes works to leave things unresolved, DtB at the moment has a lot of loose ends that I’d like to see tied up in the end.

Also, what’s the deal with all the werid otaku references? CC look-a-like? A shota with Suiseiseki eyes? Is this a Chocosis reference? What? Srsly. Also I’m worried this series will attract a lot of yaoi fangirls when it hits stateside. BONES WHY DO YOU DO THIS?!