August Anime

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Bokura No: I watch it when it happens. Good stories, but the show doesn’t leave an impression on me.
Darker Than Black: Oh no I think I like it now. Eps 11-12 were pretty good, and 13-14 weren’t so bad either!
Dennou Coil: Fallen through the cracks.
Doujin Work: Sadly underwhelming. Those 2 chapters of the comic I read were better than all of this. I expect better from the Magipokaa studio. The 15 minute runtime makes it easy to watch though, so I’m not dropping.
First Gundam: Moar plz
Hayate no Gotoku: I honestly wish they would keep making this until I die. If the production keeps up (which it has for a good 18 eps) then this should be one smashing 51 episode run! Oh, and I’m in love with Nagi sad.gif
Lucky Star: Meta meta meta fest here. A show for the otaku of now. Will feel so outdated in a year, but it’s good stuff. I like it a lot. The slice of life stuff will probably help when it comes to the potential second viewing.
Otokojuku: ADTRW!!
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Shinbo’s best work yet? Almost. I really like the new opening. So well done. Love the imagery.
School Days: Watching it at my leisure. Fairly well done romance series it seems.
Sky Girls: Pretty good take on a ridiculous concept. Really like the character design and production value.
Tenchi Muyo! TV: Almost done with this. Progress has slowed after Otakon (still making it through backlog.) Nostalgia is the main thing here. I think I like the first half better than the second, but it’s all good fun.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: If these spoilers are as sexy as people say they are, I can’t wait for more. It just gets better and better! Though latest arc is a touch slow.
Zero no Tsukaima 2: Oh my god this is like porn. I mean that in the best possible way.

Chopping Board
Moetan: Fun but could get old real quick.
Nanatsuiro Drops: Could get boring.

Hidamari Sketch: Here and there.
Manabi Straight: Huh?
Negima!?: It happens when it happens.
Nodame Cantabile: What?

Romeo x Juliet: Maybe I’ll marathon the last half at some point, but I just don’t care about it right now.
Seirei no Moribito: So boring.

Just watched the Code Geass special. CLIFFHANGER DAMMIT SUNRISE.

Hurricane Polymar: user posted image

Genshiken: Started it back up during Otakon. Still great stuff!
Kodomo no Jikan: Getting back on this.
Got Death Note 12 and NHK 3. Reading those soon.