Three Reasons Why I Should Probably Watch Space Adventure Cobra

  1. This savagely manly poster Randall and I found at Otakon: Honestly, with a poster like this, how can you deny the quality of this show?
  2. The opening: God, fucking disco dude. So great. It literally smells like good pulp.
  3. This goddamn shirt: How can you not like this shirt? I mean, if someone came up to me wearing this shirt, I just wouldn’t be able to argue with them. Know why? Because it’s a shirt that has a guy with gun-arm on it. A smoking gun-arm. And know what he’s saying? “Who is trying to make my babies cry?” You just can’t argue with that.

I think once I get to watching this and Hokuto no Ken, I’ll have my fill of manly ’80s anime for a while.