My Godddamn Room

Sequel to this post. People who know me well enough will know I live in two places– Boston during the school year, and Washington DC during the summer. This is my room in DC. While reading this post, please listen to the Galaxy Express 999 theme.

The desk of figures. The computer screen has the last room post displayed on it! Ha!

A corner filled with posters. Notice old Animerica posters from five years ago.

Wall of loli. Still in the making.

Some boxsets.

It’s gotten to the point where I need to stack this stuff.

Corner filled with trash. More boxsets, posters and shit. The more astute of you would have noticed that this picture is doctored.

Calendars, printouts and posters. Looking at this picture an another one earlier, I noticed I never got a good pic of that Death and Rebirth movie poster. Oh well :(

My meager collection of manga, anime books and other things. The entire collection of Tintin is there, in various forms. I need to get the proper albums of some of the books though. I own some of them only in the collections. Also some books on drawing the human body that I’ve barely cracked open. Please notice the doujinshi hiding on the bottom shelf.

Close up off that dresser from a few pictures ago. I only just found out how castoffable that Yurie figure was last night… going to display it totally casted off when I go back to Boston, along with that POLO Pachira that should be there by then (´・ω・`)

The singles. This shelf is basically full so I’ve begun to stack them up on top.

My small Eva corner. Also notice all the US Shounen Jumps– my dirty secret, revealed!

Ok that’s it.  Once again, I hope you’ve had fun invading my privacy.